Hello readers! Technological innovations are developing so rapidly in this era, as well as the development of the programming languages that we use.

However, with the number of unique programming languages reaching 600, determining the best language for your project may be very difficult.

Are you still confused about finding a programming language to learn? Here are 5 programming languages that you should learn in 2018!


Swift is one of the more popular programming languages than Objective-C. This language is used to develop native iOS or macOS applications. Despite being a newcomer, Swift has the potential to change our future.

Native applications developed with Swift have been tested for performance that goes beyond the performance of cross-platform hybrid applications, and with SpriteKit it will be much easier to develop 2D games.

Swift programming language is strongly influenced by Ruby and Python. It also user-friendly and fun to use. If you want to target Apple users and want to focus on developing Apple products, then this programming language is suitable for you.

Especially if you master this language, it will make you have an advantage. Because iOS applications tend to be more profitable than making Android applications.


Ruby was born as an object-oriented programming based language. This language was developed in 1993 by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. Demand for Ruby language is 5 times greater than Python.

It is also one of the programming languages that have rapid development. In fact, Ruby is very easy for you to learn. You can create applications with Ruby in just 10 minutes!

Ruby language has also been used by many large companies such as Groupon, Airbnb, Bloomberg, and many more.


Bahasa Pemrograman PHP (sumber: laracasts.com)
PHP (source: laracasts.com)

Who doesn’t know this programming language? PHP language is widely used in the world, including this website. Nearly 80% of the 10 million largest websites in the world have used the PHP language, such as Facebook and Wikipedia. This language is suitable for web development.

With PHP, you can create cool and dynamic websites and web-based applications. You can use PHP for various types of web development projects such as e-commerce, mobile app development, and content management systems.

PHP is an open-source language, easy to learn, and has easy database integration and has many functions and benefits.


According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 62.5% of developers in the world use JavaScript. This makes JavaScript the most widely used programming language for developers in the world. With JavaScript, you can build more interactive websites and is one of the essential tools in building a web besides HTML and CSS.

If you want to make various kinds of interactive things on the web, then use JavaScript. You will see the results directly from your code with just a few tools.

In addition, the use of JavaScript has expanded, such as mobile app development, game development, and desktop app development. JavaScript is certainly popular with developers and is one of the best programming languages available.


Java is one of the easiest languages to use because this language is designed to transcend the complexity of the C ++ language.

The popularity of the Java language is not exaggerated. Because 90% of the Fortune 500 Top companies have used Java to develop their back-end systems and desktop applications.

Java is usually used to create server-side apps, video games, and mobile apps. This programming language is also a core and native Android application and is very popular among developers.

With the principle of strong Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), it is already a strong consideration for you to learn this programming language!

Well, so that’s the 5 programming languages that you can learn in 2018! Do you have language suggestions that should be learned other than above? Leave your comments below!


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