Hello, dear readers! In building a business, such as a startup, we must meet many challenges and obstacles. Not a few people who build businesses that ultimately fail. Well, on this occasion, here’s 5 ways to use that failure to advance your efforts so that it becomes even better than before!

You Learn More If You Failed

During building a business, it is possible for us to do a ‘wrong step’ that causes failure. Even though through calculations and thoughts that are mature enough, “missteps” can still occur. If this is the case, you should not be complacent with the failure received. Use data from that failure as a foundation so that your next decision can be better than before. Here are the words of Thomas Alva Edison that you can inspire: “I didn’t fail. I only found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

Always and Always Innovating

Often we have good enough ideas, but we don’t have the courage to carry them out. In an increasingly competitive world, brilliant ideas are the key to success. But if it turns out your idea failed, don’t hesitate to execute other ideas. Always remove your idea in a fast period so as not to be left behind, let alone confined to failure. Sometimes, learning from a failed idea can make the execution of the next idea far more steady and good than before.

Always Uphold the Value of Honesty

We always expect the best if we are working with other parties. But in fact, not necessarily everything went smoothly. We must be able to express the facts that are available to our partners, even though this fact can influence the cooperation being carried out. Indeed, honestly in a situation can undermine the possibility of cooperation with parties that can generate greater profits. However, thus you can build relationships with other parties who are fairer, and may be able to work with them in the future.

Save Time and Energy

We can just spend time and energy on things that are far from our goals. But really, time and energy are the most important assets we have. Instead of throwing the asset for something useless, it’s better to keep the asset to rebuild the idea with your partner. Thus, your colleagues respect you more if you always direct their focus to goals that are worth fighting for.

All Business, Not Personal

Indeed, we have difficulty receiving criticism or meeting things that offend us. But in the end, life is quite short and time is a golden thing if you work in a business like a startup. So don’t be too edgy with criticism or other things, and work immediately and control your field. Don’t go too far with the ‘drama’ that exists, and make yourself work at the maximum point you have, not based on other people’s expectations of yourself.


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