Having a lot of coin change? Here's the way to manage it!
Having a lot of coins? Here's the way to manage it!

Small change is something that cannot be separated from our lives. After shopping, we often get the change in coins. Forms of small coins and hard to carry certainly makes us lazy to save coins and tend to underestimate them. Even though the change in value is still quite meaningful! If we collect the coins in large quantities, of course, we use the coins for useful shopping.

Well, how do you save good coins? Here are some tricks that you can apply to manage your coins!

Use a wallet that stores coins

Sometimes when you receive the change in coins, we tend to put them carelessly and make the coins scattered. Try to reduce this habit and start storing it in your wallet. Use a zippered wallet that can store coins. Of course, this will make it easier for you to save coins, and you can take the coins when you need them.

Prepare a piggy bank or places to store coins

Who says the piggy bank is outdated? You can still use a piggy bank to save your coins! When at home, manage your coins by placing them in a certain place or container. This is applied so that your coins aren’t scattered everywhere. Also, try to separate the nominal coins. Suppose there is a piggy bank for 200 rupiahs, 500 rupiahs, etc. Thus you will also more easily manage coins and no need to bother anymore when calculating the change. Use

Get motivation when saving coins

Maybe you are not motivated enough to save coins. Therefore, create goals that you can achieve by saving coins. For example, you can save your coins in a used mineral bottle, you can just set a target by collecting coins until the bottle is full. With this motivation, you are increasingly diligent and aware that storing coins is important.

Assume that the coins belong to someone else

We tend to look after other people’s goods rather than guarding our own goods. Likewise with money. Sometimes we consider the coins only to buy small necessities so that we do not set aside small change, and in the end, the coins are “lost” just like that. By using the thought that the coins belonged to someone else, of course, we could not carelessly save the coins.

Set aside our coins to those in need

Because of the inflation trend that continues to exist in our economy, it makes coins less meaningful to us. But not necessarily that applies to all. If indeed we are overweight and able to set aside coins, it would not hurt to set aside the coins for people who need more, such as beggars, buskers, or other street people. Even with small intentions, it will certainly produce great. Surely your coins can help others.

Take your time in calculating your change

Your coin is getting more and more? Start to count your coins! You can start gluing coins into nominal items that are easier to calculate. For example, you collect 10 coins 100 rupiahs into 1000 rupiahs, and so on. That way, you can more easily calculate the total amount of coins you save and make it easier later when you exchange your coins with paper money. Besides that, you can spend your coins more easily because there is no need to count the number of coins you give.

In this day and age, the trend of using coins is decreasing in the community. But money remains money. You can use the money you collect for more useful things. Therefore, let’s start appreciating the coins we have!


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