Elon Musk Just Made Giant Battery That Lights 8,000 Houses!
Elon Musk Just Made Giant Battery That Lights 8,000 Houses! Source (https://insideevs.com/)

Who doesn’t know Elon Musk? An entrepreneur who has a well-known company like SpaceX and Tesla has successfully fulfilled his promise to build the world’s largest battery. This giant battery has a voltage of 129 MW and made for the state of South Australia, which is experiencing an energy crisis. But the making of these batteries actually started when he made a bet on Twitter!

Starting from a dare

Making this giant battery stems from the problem of the state of South Australia which is experiencing an energy crisis. Last March, Elon Musk made a bet on Twitter that he would make a giant battery in Australia. “100 days after the signature of the contract, or free of charge,” he said. If only he had passed the deadline for making the battery, maybe he had already lost 50 million US dollars!

What’s on this giant battery?

This giant battery called Tesla Powerpacks has been installed and connected to a wind farm north of Adelaide. This battery will also undergo several tests to meet a number of applicable requirements. Tesla Powerpacks are made of lithium-ion, which we usually encounter on smartphones or in other gadgets that require batteries. Tesla Powerpacks can accommodate energy from renewable sources such as wind and sunlight, then channel it to the electricity grid if electricity usage is high.

Part of the US$ 550 Million Plan

In addition to this giant battery, the government of South Australia also poured a lot of money into projects of electricity resources after the state experienced a power cut for 18 months. “This gives a clear message that South Australia will be a leader in renewable energy matters with battery storage,” said Weatherill, a South Australian politician. The South Australian government did not say how much to pay Musk for the battery.

Tesla Powerpacks will operate on 1 December, after all, requirements have been met. This battery is expected to solve the problem of the energy crisis that hit the state.


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