On Wednesday (14/3), world-renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking took his last breath at the age of 76 at his home in Cambridge, England. Stephen Hawking spent 55 years in his life with a neurological disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which resulted in him being paralyzed and had to use communication technology that made him speak in a robotic voice that became ‘trademark’ during his lifetime.

As a famous physicist and public figure, Stephen Hawking has helped change the order of astrophysics. His knowledge makes us understand more about the origin of the universe.

Well, what achievements have he achieved? Of the many achievements, here are 4 that you should know!

Stephen Hawking Sparked The Theory That States Black Hole Issues Energy

Have you ever heard the term black hole or black hole? Black holes are a unique phenomenon in the universe, which makes space and time deviate and always suck up any material that passes through the area. However, Hawking stated that actually black holes emit energy caused by quantum effects near the area of the black hole. This theory is still not directly observed, but as reported by Inverse, scientists are trying to observe it.

Stephen Hawking Stipulates that Singularity Is an Important Element in the Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory is one of the most accepted theories of today’s scientists about the origins of the universe. This theory explains that the universe emerged starting from a large explosion that originated from a single point, the singularity. Before Hawking, scientists were still arguing about the paradox that appeared in the singularity.

In 1970, Stephen Hawking and his colleagues created a journal on singularities which refuted the notion that before the Big Bang was the contraction of the universe. In the end, scientists generally agreed with the version of the Big Bang Theory that Stephen Hawking put forward, that there was nothing at the beginning of the universe.

Stephen Hawking Stated That There Is No Difference Between Space and Time at the Beginning of the Universe
In his famous book, A Brief History of Time, Hawking stated that at the beginning of the universe, space already existed, but time as we know it still does not exist. Astrophysicists still state that space and time are interrelated with one another, but Hawking issued a hypothesis which states otherwise. While ordinary people try to swallow the hypothesis Hawking issued, scientists are still debating the Hawking idea.

Stephen Hawking Provides Evidence That Time Travel Is Impossible

The idea of time travel always makes us wonder. But in 2009, Stephen Hawking proved that time travel was impossible. How did he do it?

At that time, Stephen Hawking held a party for time travelers, where he invited passers-by time to party with him. However, Stephen Hawking has just issued his invitation tomorrow after the party! The purpose of the idea is that anyone who shows up at the party is really a time passer because people don’t know the party until the next day. On Stephen Hawking’s 75th birthday in 2017, he announced that no one had appeared at the party. Although this idea is not concrete evidence that time travel is impossible, this is still strong evidence. If you yourself found a way to travel across time, wasn’t your first initial goal a party held by Hawking?

Of the many scientific achievements obtained by Stephen Hawking, we need to acknowledge his persistence in contributing to knowledge. Although physically paralyzed, his enthusiasm and thinking always make us continue to learn about the existence of this universe. Goodbye Sir!


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