Who doesn’t have a gamer friend? Surely there is one of your friends who like to play video games either on consoles, PCs or on smartphones. Giving gifts is one way to signify your affection or gratitude to friends on a special day. Well, if you’re looking for gifts for gamers, maybe you can look for gift inspiration by reading this article! Here are some gift ideas that you can give to your gamer friends!

The Copy of TheĀ Game

Of course, a gift that cannot be rejected by a gamer is a copy of the video game itself. Now you can buy video games not only in physical form but can buy them in digital form. Lots of online stores that sell video games in digital form that you can download or give serial keys separately.

Well, one of the references to looking for the latest video game is the Steam website. If you want to buy via Steam, make sure you have filled your Steam Wallet on the account. In addition, you should buy a video game in a certain period, such as a large discount time. So you can buy video games cheaper than the original price.

Game Vouchers

Are you still confused about gift ideas for gamers? If so, just try to buy the game voucher he played! Thus, your friends can buy various kinds of virtual goods or DLC that they want. Especially nowadays, you can buy game vouchers almost anywhere, such as in mini markets, etc. For example, you can give Steam Wallet vouchers to your friends so he can buy the preferred virtual items or the desired video game. Of course, your friends really appreciate the vouchers that you give!

Gaming Devices

If you want to give something special that your friend will always use, then there’s nothing wrong to spend more money to give it a gaming device! Of course, a good gaming device will always be used at all times. Well, you can buy it like a mouse, keyboard, gaming headphones and more. Of course with a solid gaming device, your friends are more satisfied when playing and that’s a good thing.

Video Game Themed Clothes

Someone’s preference for a game may not be limited to the digital world. Clothing can be the best option to indicate a person’s preference for a game. Well, especially now that there are many clothing stores that sell fashion-themed video games, you can try to reward your gamer friends with clothes that have a video game theme! Maybe you can buy him an Assassin’s Creed hoodie or a video game team hoodie that he likes. The clothes he can use at any time and become a value for your friends!

Well, so there are some gift ideas that can be taken into consideration when you want to buy your friend a gift.

Whatever gift you give him, make sure the gift has its own value so he will always remember you when he uses the gift. Do you have another gift idea? Leave a comment below!


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