Nowadays, with the advancements of technology, making chatbots are becoming easier than ever. Chatbots can act as a personal assistant, customer support representative, even just for fun. By using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, they can learn every interaction given, and programmed to answer every question given in a different scenario.

Well, here’s some tips that you need to pay attention to when building a chatbot.

Determine the Purpose of the Bot

In making a good chatbot, it’s good to first determine the purpose of the chatbot for your brand and audience. Here are some things that can be taken into consideration if you use chatbot for your business, such as:

  • Get to know your audience more
  • Providing customer support through social media,
  • Increasing website traffic,
  • Increasing sales.

In addition, chatbot can help consumers such as:

  • Providing easier access to information about services and products offered,
  • Providing faster online help,
  • Entertain customers as they talk to representatives of brands,
  • Solve various kinds of problems such as orders, etc.

Whatever your reason for creating a chatbot, make sure the destination you have set is delivered and not deviated when making the chatbot conversation flow.

Make your Chatbot Proactive

Audiences will not use your chatbot if they do not know the existence of the chatbot and the benefits that can be obtained. Make sure you make your chatbot proactive like making a welcome message to the audience and explain how the chatbot can help them.

Decide the Conversation Flow carefully

Make sure your bot can ask questions and answer various types of questions, such as:

  • Alternative choice questions,
  • Questions that use who, what, when, where, and why,
  • Yes or no question,
  • Side questions that make the conversation flow more natural, like “Today is so beautiful, right?

Making the flow of conversation or conversation flow is very challenging because of the everyday language we use. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to estimate the flow of a conversation, let alone we often do typos, use the word prokem, etc. This should be considered when creating a chatbot conversation flow.


Buttons can reduce the engagement of your audience when communicating with chatbot, but the existence of these buttons can make the flow of a conversation better and help users get answers to their questions faster. Make a button that contains the answers that have been provided, such as:

  • Yes or no button
  • ‘Contact us’ button
  • ‘Feedback’ button
  • A button that directs users to the appropriate website

Think of every answer given

Even though you can’t fool users and make them think they are talking to people, you must still make sure the flow of the conversation goes naturally and represent your brand image. When you make a chatbot answer, you need to pay attention to several conditions, such as:

  • Avoid complicated grammar
  • Make short and concise conversations
  • Give a sense of humor and character on your chatbot

Give your Chatbot A Personality

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you no longer need to make chatbots that can only answer specifically. Try to make a bot that has a personality. You have to be careful not to make your chatbot rude or annoying. However, with this personality can increase engagement which leads to increased sales.

Provide Talking Options with People

In the end, the technology behind the chabot is still not perfect, which means you must still provide the option to talk to people to avoid losing leads. Tawari your audience the opportunity to talk with your representative during the conversation to reduce the possibility of an unsatisfied customer.


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