Kyky Farly Vallendra

That’s a name given to me by my parents on my inception. I never know the true meaning of my name. Once I asked my mother what is the meaning of my name, she referred to it as a brand of biscuits. Nevertheless, I highly doubted it.

When speaking about names, we tend to see it as a gift from our parents – or even a curse for some. Since names can be detrimental on our future. Such as when we order drinks, weird names causes weird spellings, right? Or even as a challenge.

Some names are a blessing if you come from an aristocrat family since you will get a certain privilege. Well at least in the past.

But the point is that names are truly important. That’s how we introduce ourselves to the world. When we socializing, our name becomes their first impression of us. That would be a problem if your name is a meme. So bear with me.

Alas, there are huge philosophical aspects when speaking about names, especially about proper names. Even a calculation on how such an individual named. It depends on someone’s culture or beliefs in this manner.

Even your name can be synonymous as fear or even headache by your colleagues.

But eventually, it will come to that one question: what is the meaning of your name?

But rather seeking the true meaning of our name, we tend to forget that should be in our concern: those who actually bear its name.

How truly names are meant to be is how the person does in their lives and their deeds. For example, Joseph is a good name, right?

Right until we add ‘Stalin’ to the name. Thus, the name becomes reprobate for others.

Therefore you should make your name meaningful. Not as dictated by others on how your name should be meant. But rather get yourself be a good person to the other. So when they look upon your name, it would be more meaningful for them.

How about you? Do you know the meaning of your name?


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