Hello dear readers! As we know, social media is so tightly bound in our lives. In our personal lives to business, everything must deal with social media. Therefore, every change in social media trends should be seen so that we do not miss this trend.

In 2018, social media will be more lively with new technology and some shifts in its users. Here are changes in social media trends that you should prepare in 2018.

The Rise of Augmented Reality

Not long ago, Apple announced its latest smartphone line, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Both smartphones share a new chip so users can feel the incredible sensation of augmented reality. Although augmented reality initially influenced the field of mobile gaming. It is likely that social media platforms will find ways to incorporate this technology into their platforms.

Increased Popularity of Instagram Stories

More than 200 million people use Instagram Stories every month, 50 million more than their nearest competitor: Snapchat. If this increase continues, it will be predicted that more than half of Instagram users will use Instagram Stories until the end of 2018. This means that if your brand wants to target Instagram users, then it’s time to master the marketing techniques on Instagram Stories!

Increased Investment in Marketing Influencers

More than 90% of marketers who use marketing influencer strategies believe that their strategies have been successful. Companies such as North Face, Hubspot, and Rolex use this strategy to connect them with new audiences and increase engagement with existing audiences. Next year there will be many brands that prioritize marketing influencers. As a way to connect audiences who tend to ignore conventional strategies.

Focusing on Generation Z

According to a study conducted by Goldman Sach, it shows that Generation Z is more valuable to many companies than millennials. Most brands certainly recognize this and will try to shift their social media strategy to better target Generation Z.

Increased Brand Participation in the Message Platform

More than 2.5 billion people use the message platform globally, but there are still many brands that focus more on improving relationships with their customers through social networks. Moreover, along with the increasing development of artificial intelligence in various messaging platforms, the brand will certainly make more money and time to connect consumers through this platform. Thus, consumers can experience a more personalized shopping experience with the technology offered in messaging platforms such as chat bots, etc.

Rethinking Twitter

This year Twitter failed to significantly increase the number of followers. In fact, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram has more followers than Twitter. In 2018, there is a possibility that Twitter leaders will rethink how their platform works.

The possible changes on Twitter include releasing the company to private investors, changing the platform to include subscription elements or overhauling Twitter advertising systems, which are far behind other platforms.

Facebook Spaces Becomes Mainstream

Facebook is not only interested in streaming live videos. They are also working on a project called Spaces that allows friends to connect via VR. Given that Facebook just recently bought Oculus, a VR company. Thus it is not unusual for Facebook to develop a platform to use this technology. It is estimated that Facebook will scale up Spaces in 2018, and there is a possibility that Spaces will be the first social media VR product to succeed on that scale.

Well, here are some social media trends that you should consider later in 2018, dear reader! Starting from the rise of augmented reality to the development of the Facebook Spaces scale, everything will become a big thing in the development of social media trends later in the year. So, don’t miss it!


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