Hi, dear readers! Who doesn’t know about the existence of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of the many cryptocurrency money circulating in today’s society. With a value of 1 BTC equivalent to US$ 6,585.97. It is undeniable that Bitcoin is one of the most expensive currencies in the world. Although there are many controversies surrounding this virtual currency, there are many people who are eyeing Bitcoin, ranging from laymen to investors. Well, actually how to get Bitcoin itself? Here’s how to get it.

Cara Mendapatkan Bitcoin (Sumber: GetCoin)
Cara Mendapatkan Bitcoin (Source: GetCoin)

Doing Bitcoin Mining

One way to get Bitcoin with “free” is to do mining. By definition, mining is a process where transactions (in this case a Bitcoin transaction) are verified and added to a public ledger (called blockchain), resulting in a new Bitcoin.

Although it sounds easy, mining Bitcoin is not easy and requires hardware that is strong enough. To buy the hardware itself requires a lot of capital. However, if you want to get Bitcoin stably, then this method can be one of the considerations. As for how to do mining, you can read here.

Buying and Trading Bitcoin

If you don’t have much money to buy hardware for mining, then trading can be one way to get Bitcoin! Along with the booming Bitcoin trend in the community, more and more marketplaces and exchanges are offering Bitcoin trading. But be careful. Trading Bitcoin requires financial intelligence and of course – hockey! Don’t let you go bankrupt because you bought Bitcoin.

One website offering Bitcoin trading in Indonesia is bitcoin.co.id. In addition, there are also many well-known exchange Bitcoin abroad such as Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase, etc.

Visit A Bitcoin Faucet for Free Bitcoin

One way to get Bitcoin which is completely free is to use Bitcoin faucet. Bitcoin faucet itself is a reward system in the form of an application or website, which provides rewards in the form of Satoshi (1 / 100,000,000 BTC). Bitcoin visitors faucet can get Bitcoin by completing a captcha or other tasks that need to be done.

Now there are many websites and applications that offer rewards in the form of Bitcoin, such as FreeBitcoin, Busted Faucet, and many more. But be careful, there are also a lot of Bitcoin faucets that turn out to be scams.

Receive Payments with Bitcoin

Do you have skills that you can do? Maybe you can consider accepting payment in the form of Bitcoin for your work. So that you can save and receive payments in the form of Bitcoin, you need to make a Bitcoin or Bitcoin wallet. For your own Bitcoin wallet, you can make it on Bitcoin websites like bitcoin.co.id, Coinbase, Blockchain.info, or use your hard disk as a Bitcoin wallet.

So that’s how he got Bitcoin. Holding a Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency currency is one way to diversify your assets. However, you should pay attention to all the risks that exist if you have Bitcoin, because if you are unaware of the development of Bitcoin, then your risk of loss is also greater. In your opinion, can Bitcoin be an alternative in investing? Leave a comment below yes!


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